Koohiki pet grooming salon
Brisbane dog grooming salon Koohiki Runcorn


The goal of Koohiki is to provide our customers with a responsible and conscientious pet grooming service.

  • We will care for your pet
  • We will be patient and kind
  • We will do what is best for your pet no matter what
  • We will stand by the fact of comfort must come before vanity


Our team are a group of bubbly and outgoing pet grooming professionals, who are happy to give you advice and information regarding all of your pets’ grooming needs.  

We firmly believe that regular grooming of your pets is the best way to promote their health and well-being, and we are the best team to do the job. Regular grooming should be done every 4 to 10 weeks. Most of our customers book in every 6 weeks for haircuts all year round. 

Thank you for visiting our website and we appreciate the time you have taken to do so. We are looking forward to seeing you and your pets soon.

Brisbane dog grooming salon Koohiki Runcorn