Koohiki pet grooming salon


There are many more benefits to grooming your Pet than simply looking good and smelling great. Whether your pet has a short or long coat, keeping your pet’s coat clean with regular grooming is an essential part of keeping them happy and healthy.

We provide functional shampoo to cater for your pet’s skin & body situation, solving most problems such as fleas, dry skin, sensitive skin and skin disease. All bath services include ear clean, nails trim, anal gland care and perfume.

Tidy up
Trim the pet bottom, belly and anal area. Tidy up the face looks spirit.

Full Groom
A normal clip where the body hair will be shaved the same length up to (13mm) with hand scissoring around the face.

Style Groom
Professional hand scissoring cut tailored on specific breed style groom.


Japanese Mud Bath
Formulated to cleanse, protect and rejuvenate your dog’s skin and coat. It can remove irritated skin while making irritation hot spots and abrasions smooth. It also takes the itch out of bites and helps heal cuts. Mud also helps to remove dandruff and moisturises skin, especially in winter.  Furthermore, it invigorates and softens a rough and dirty coat.

Brisbane dog grooming salon Koohiki Runcorn


Add some colour to your pet. We have a range of temporary, semi and permanent colours available to dress and impress your pet. Creative scissoring can be used to achieve different looks. 


We provide bath services and lion or bottom clip for well behaved cat without anesthesia.